product policy

our products are made from natural fibres and include items woven on old style semi-automatic looms, handwoven and handmade items. irregularities in weave, variations in colour and patina may occur within any one item or between items of the same style and colour. they are not fault’s in our products and do occur when manufacturing products from natural fibres and especially products made on semi-automatic or hand looms.

many of our products are dyed and prewashed with the intention of achieving an aged patina and relaxed natural handle which is synonymous with our style. this process makes each item unique.

it is important to note when dyeing any product there is often shade variation between the different dye batches. this can result in a variation in shade and depth between ten or, fifteen percent. 

mother nature is not predictable either so varying growing conditions such as weather and or soil can impact the outcome of the yarn when spinning, weaving or dyeing. for example, the european flax yarn the grower has available today to supply to our manufacturers to spin, weave and dye our pure linen products may be slightly darker in its raw state than the last yarns grown and produced. this may impact the dyeing process resulting in shade variation to previous batch or the yarns may vary in depth of shade and when woven together creates slight shade variation within the fabric. 

we embrace these raw and imperfect aspects of working with natural fibres and are inspired by their performance, handle, uniqueness and inherent sustainability qualities.

we aim to provide the best colour representation we can on our web site however colour varies between computer screens and can depend on screen settings and calibration of screens.